6 Bathroom Design Trends: Explore and Get Inspired

Explore the six collections we created to help inspire the bathroom of your dreams. Consulting with design experts far and wide, we identified the trends that are influencing and informing the most exciting projects around the world—in fashion and product design, as well as in-home interiors. So whether you’re seeking a twist on classic style, an energized eclectic space, or an ultra-modern master bathroom powered by the latest technology, we’re sure you’ll find a look to fall in love with.

The White on White Bathroom

Maybe it’s a new-found sense of optimism or the urgent need for a calming escape, but white on white is more popular than ever. Pure and clean, white attracts light, increasing visual and perhaps even mental space—some experts claim it actually increases our ability to focus. Sleek, shiny white; matte white; textured white and white stain– all signify a new beginning, a new era. Even better: White layered on white is a look that works beautifully for both traditional and contemporary styles.

Explore this trend in three white-on-white bathroom styles.

The Smoky Sultry Bathroom

From topaz-hued cut glass to tinted mirrors to the now-iconic gold iPhone finish, the smoky look is smoking hot. In evidence from Lamborghinis to lingerie, this trend is also perfectly at home in home design, where it literally shines. Architects and designers worldwide have adopted smoky mirrors with golden hues and gold-tinted glass borrowed from stylish sunglasses. Brass and copper are wildly popular in cabinet hardware, faucets, and lighting. And warm mochas and chocolate browns create a moody backdrop for candle-lit wine cellars and master bathrooms alike.

Explore this trend in three smoky bathroom styles.

The Black Bathroom

Black is back—or maybe it never really left. An iconic goes-with-everything neutral that’s long signaled elegance and sophistication in fashion and home design, black is equally as popular for performance sports cars, nail polish, sneakers and now, even faucet finishes. There are so many ways to do black: matte, glossy, slate, you name it. Black and white is a classic combination, of course, and forever in style. Interiors are showing a return to Art Deco influences, with crisp geometries and strong contrasts. And there’s nothing more chic than deep, glossy tile in a sleek, modernist bath.

Explore this trend in three black bathroom styles.

The Pale Neutral Bathroom

Soft, quiet and calming, it seems the pale neutral trend is everywhere right now. Soft pinks and blush hues dominate the color spectrum, and show up alone, in diaphanous layers, or contrasted with bright white. Silver grey stained woods, sun bleached linens, and aged patinas are the ingredients for conjuring images of seaside beach huts, cotton candy and romantic flower gardens. Delicate patterns, subtle sprays or washes of color blur edges and add interest to simple objects and spaces.

Explore this trend in three pale neutral bathrooms.

The Playful Pattern Bathroom

Strong, vibrant patterns are making a big splash these days in fashion, advertising and interiors. Geometry is everywhere: in automotive design, fabrics, floors, walls, and ceilings. The chevron is particularly popular, yet basketweaves, grids, and ethnic influences are also bringing a new interpretation of the past to life. Fresh and brimming with optimism, dynamic floral and leaf motifs dominate, whether banana, palm or vine. Geometric, floral or abstract, the pattern trend follows no rule but one: the bigger and bolder, the better.

Explore this trend in three playful pattern bathroom styles.

The Color Blocked Bathroom

Street style, public architecture, European fashion runways: All are reveling in bright color, from deep pinks, purples, and cobalts to eye-popping apple green. Interior designers are using color with abandon, fully saturating spaces with a single hue, combining vibrant color with contrasting whites or neutrals, and punctuating spaces with pops of color from the opposite side of the color wheel. There’s a definite ‘80s influence here, an echo of Memphis, the Italian design powerhouse and master color-block mavens. But make no mistake: the current result is rooms that feel of-the-moment rather than rehashed.

Explore this trend in three color-blocked bathroom styles.




March 12, 2018

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