Appliance Repair Beverly Hills

If you need reliable appliance repair in your Beverly Hills home, call on the expert techs from AMPM Appliance Repair. They’ve been providing fast and professional service throughout LA County and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years with exceptional customer service and friendly, certified technicians.
If you live in Beverly Hills, your kitchen is most likely filled with high end appliances such as Sub-Zero, Thermador, Bosch, ASKO, Viking or another model that was designed to last for many years and provide flawless function. No appliance is made to last forever, and eventually your refrigerator, freezer or other appliance may need a part replaced or a small repair. Be cautious who you call to work on your expensive appliances. Not all techs have the training ad experience to look inside of your high-end appliance and poke around.
AMPM Appliance Repair in Beverly Hills trains their technicians to work on all high-end appliances, so you can rest easy when you make the call for a repair. They’ll not only quickly diagnose and repair any and all high-end models but are able to work on every make and model of appliance that can be found in a home. Techs are dedicated to the least amount of interruption in your life and to providing you with affordable repairs.
Most appliance repair companies in Beverly Hills won’t tell you what it’s going to cost for a repair or service call until they’re finished working and hit you with a big surprise bill. Not so at AMPM Appliance Repair. Their service call is only $45, which will be waived if you have them perform the repairs, in which case you’ll be responsible for only the cost of parts plus labor. There are a few types of domestic and foreign brands that have higher service call fee, but you will be told at the time when you make the call.
Is your appliance repair an emergency? The Beverly Hills pros can come right out in the event that your problem is urgent, otherwise, they’ll schedule an appointment within the same day, if possible. AMPM Appliance Repair can service customers in Malibu, San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Pasadena. Their certified technicians will respect your home, keep the noise to a minimum and repair your appliance on the spot if at all possible.
AMPM Appliance Repair can repair all kinds of major appliances including regrigerators, ranges, stoves, freezers, washers & dryers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, trash compactors, microwave overs, heaters, AC units, and more, from all kinds of brand names, regardless of what they are.
For exceptional appliance repair in Beverly Hills, call AMPM Appliance Repair at 800-343-6011. No matter how well you take care of your appliances, sooner or later they will need small repairs or replacement parts. Call on the experts who can provide affordable, reliable service to your expensive appliances. Visit to see a complete list of their services.