If you are considering a bathroom remodel here in Hampton Roads, the professional full-service bath remodeling team at Newman’s Plumbing offer top-quality solutions for virtually any timeline and budget. Your new bathroom is created to fit your space, design style and functional needs.

Whether you need a full floor-to-ceiling bathroom renovation, or a quick tub/shower upgrade, our experts provide the design solutions, extensive product selection and workmanship you need for a quality, affordable bathroom remodel.

For more than two decades Newman’s Plumbing has been helping homeowners in Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach realize their dreams of the perfect bathroom. Whether it is a master bath, guest bath, or powder room upgrade you are looking for, our team of licensed and insured plumbing, electrical, and design professional is ready to help.


These are Before and After Photos of Jobs Done 


As you can see there are a lot of design considerations that go into a proper bathroom renovation. Our team can help you evaluate each of these in light of the budget you have for the job. Over the years we have helped our clients with bathroom renovations from $5000 to $50,000 and all level in between.


How much should you budget for your new bathroom? Here are several factors to consider:

  • Which bath are you working on? Master, guest, powder room?
  • What fixtures are you replacing?
  • Shower/tub combination, or separate units?
  • Are you planning to relocate fixtures within the bath?
  • Replace floor material? Replace/add tile?
  • What countertop material do you want?
  • Are you selecting new lighting fixtures?


One key decision you will need to make for your bathroom remodel is whether you want a shower or a tub. When debating between the two, consider how long you will be living in your home. If you plan to live there for some time and can do without the option of soaking in a tub, a full shower may be best. However, if you’ll be moving in the foreseeable future, you should consider a shower/tub combination because it appeals to a broader array of home buyers. Of course, shower/tub combinations have larger footprints and aren’t suitable for very small spaces. Should you opt for a full shower for your bathroom remodel, you can pick from many exciting shower door glass styles, including frosted, tinted and hammered. For the ultimate in luxury, you might consider a full-body shower with multiple heads that surround you with water.

As the centerpiece of a bathroom, the vanity should be carefully chosen. Our bathroom remodeling Hampton Roads experts can help you choose from stock, semi-custom and custom options. With stock vanities, you’re typically limited to fiberboard or particleboard. As you move into semi-custom and custom options, the possibilities expand considerably. Vanities with tops are convenient but selecting one without a top opens up your options, allowing you to choose from a solid surface, glass and natural stone.


After upgrading the fixtures and cabinetry you will want to consider replacing the flooring as well. This will help you achieve a seamless cohesive look in your newly remodeling space. Since there is a lot of water in a bathroom it makes sense to avoid wood flooring.

There are many options available today for affordable and durable laminate flooring including colors, patterns, and styles. Linoleum and vinyl have seen tremendous improvement in both quality and design options in the last decade.

We frequently work with homeowners who would prefer tile floors in their bathroom. Here again there are some great materials to choose from including stone, porcelain, ceramic, and marble.

Lighting? Wow! So many styles to consider. Think about how you will be using your bathroom most of the time. If you plan to relax and soak in a whirlpool bathtub on a regular basis, for example, you’re going to want mood lighting and dimmable lights. If you intend to use the vanity to get ready for the day, you’ll want brighter, more direct lighting.

Our bath remodeling contractor team includes skilled electricians who know how to create the perfect lighting scheme for your new bathroom.



Looking for a high-grade bathroom renovation at a mid-market price? We provide everything that you need to optimize your bathroom for a better-quality life. Start your bathroom renovation project in Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach today by scheduling a free consultation. Whatever vision you have in mind for your bathroom the team here at Newman’s Plumbing can help you make it a reality.