Cannabis Misting Systems

Cool-Off’s patented misting technology makes it easier than ever for home growers to grow cannabis in their yards or on their patios.

Take advantage of the year-round growing climate provided by many regions of the American Southwest, and turn those artificial lights off! All they do is strain the electric grid, produce heat, and run your electric bill up.

By installing a cannabis misting system from Cool-Off, you can grow your cannabis plants outside rather than inside all year long.

Further, any of Cool-Off’s misting systems can be modified to your custom grow environment. For example, Cool-Off sells residential and commercial misting systems. Whether you have a 100 square foot canopy or 10,000 square feet of canopy, Cool-Off’s misting systems can be customized to your environment.

Why Do Cannabis Growers Need a Cannabis Misting System?

In the American Southwest, the weather is warm year-round. However, due to the arid, desert climate of the Southwest, the relative humidity is too low to grow cannabis, and the temperatures are too hot too often.

This is why NV, AZ, UT, and many CA cannabis farmers grow their crops indoors – so they can control their grow room environments.

A misting system solves both of these problems. On the one hand, a misting system provides an affordable, effective way to cool off a patio or greenhouse, keeping temperatures at a manageable level that won’t harm cannabis plants.

Additionally, a misting system keeps the surface of the plant’s vegetation, as well as the air around the plants, moist. This increases the RH to levels that cannabis needs to thrive.

Again, a Cool-Off misting system increases humidity and keeps temperatures at a reasonable level. Shop Cool-Off’s cannabis misting systems today.

Cost of a Cannabis Misting System

Smaller misting systems start as low as $365, and Cool-Off’s patio mister sizes range from 11 nozzles to 26 nozzles, depending on your needs and budget.

Cool-Off’s Patio Misters can be installed inside of cannabis greenhouses, patios, and virtually any outdoor area.

Patio misters can spray mist from the ground up, from the ceiling downward, or even from the side, or 360 degrees, helping to keep your plants cool and any bugs unsettled. Indeed, a cannabis misting system can play an integral role in your IPM strategy.

Try a Mid-Pressure Pump System for Small Home Grows

Cool-Off’s mid-pressure pump system is affordable and whisper quiet. You can set this system on the ground or mount it to a wall. The mid-pressure system comes with 25 nozzles with no loss of spray pattern from the first nozzle to the end of the line. This cannabis misting system is ideal for small greenhouses and non-commercial grows.

Buy Your Cannabis Misting System Today from Cool-Off, NV’s Most Trusted Misting System Supplier

A misting system is just one piece of the puzzle, albeit a very large piece! Shade nets, plenty of water, and constant monitoring of RH and temperature also play a big role in the success of your outdoor cannabis plants.