Toilet Problems Stink, until you get Newman’s Plumbing Service and Repair involved!

Our toilets are some of the hardest working and reliable plumbing components in our home. When something goes wrong with a toilet, it is as inconvenient as it is surprising. We have professional tools for your clogged toilet. There are few ways on how we can deal with a problem. We can use plumbing snake, that goes into a toilet to push blocking elements. If that won't help we may suck impurities or use our wet-dry vacuum

If mechanical devices won't work it's also possible to resolve the problem with drain-cleaning chemicals

Toilets Aren’t as Simple as You Think

Toilets would seem to be simple devices but rely on the interaction of numerous parts to function properly. If a toilet breaks, it could be a problem with its plumbing or with the parts that make it work. Sometimes a toilet will function even though it has malfunctioning components. Even though it’s tempting to ignore, a toilet’s parts should be replaced once they start to break. If left ignored, they could fail. Even if they don’t completely break, malfunctioning toilet parts can waste water and increase your bills.

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Common parts that need repair or replacement include:

  • Fill valves
  • Flappers
  • Flush valves
  • Toilet seals
  • Floats
  • Chains
  • Handle arms
  • Overflow tubes

While problems such as a hissing noise after a flush are not necessarily an emergency, they can be a sign that your toilet is wasting water or will eventually stop working. Our plumbers are ready to come to your home and provide a reliable, fast and affordable fix for your toilet issues. If you’ve noticed increased water bills, we’re ready to examine your toilet and determine if it is wasting water.

Newmans Plumbing Service Toilet Installation

Installing the Right Toilet for Your Home

The reasons for needing a properly installed toilet are obvious. Besides needing to be reliable, toilets hold significant amounts of water and waste. Besides providing professional toilet installation, our plumbers are ready to help you select the right toilet. No matter the need, from handicap toilets to soft close seats, we’ll help find one which fits your home and is within your budget. 

Whether you need a repair or the installation of a new toilet fixture, the professionals at Newman’s Plumbing Service and Repair are ready to help. Give us a call at 757-465-0883.

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