Common Causes And Fixes For A Dripping Water Faucet


Dripping water faucets are a common household problem that may seem harmless at first, but the persistent sound and the underlying issues it can signify can quickly turn into a major headache for homeowners. In this article, we’ll look at the common causes of a dripping faucet, as well as steps you can take to resolve the problem. 


What Causes A Dripping Faucet? 


dripping faucet causes


Leaky faucets can have various causes that go beyond what meets the eye. Below are a few of the most common culprits. 


Dripping Faucet Causes: 


Water Pressure


Water pressure issues may be to blame if you observe that your bathroom faucet only drips water at certain times or when the faucet handles are manipulated in a particular manner. Fluctuating water pressure in your home could potentially trigger leaks in your faucet, leading to dripping issues.


Broken Washers


Broken washers are a frequent cause for leaking faucets. Washers, which sit against the valve seat, can wear out over time due to friction, resulting in leaks. Improperly sized or incorrectly installed washers can also contribute to leaks in faucets. 


Malfunctioning O-Ring 


A malfunctioning O-ring, which is a small disc attached to the stem screw in the sink’s faucet to secure the handle in place, can also be a culprit behind leaks. Like washers, O-rings can wear out or become loose over time, leading to leaks from the faucet handles. If you notice that one of your faucet handles is leaking, a malfunctioning O-ring could likely be the root cause.


Deteriorated Valve Seat


If you notice water leaking from the spout of your faucet, the valve seat could be deteriorated. The valve seat is the connection point between the faucet and the spout, and it can be affected by sediment buildup and corrosion, leading to leaks.


Damaged Cartridge


A damaged cartridge is a common cause of leaks in faucets with separate handles for hot and cold water. These cartridges act as valves that regulate the flow of water into the faucet spout. If you notice water dripping from your faucet, it could be an indication of damage to the cartridge, disrupting its proper functioning.


Can A Dripping Faucet Increase My Water Bill?


can a dripping faucet increase my water bill


A dripping faucet can have a significant impact on your water bill, potentially increasing it by over 10% each month. 


How Much Water Does A Dripping Faucet Waste? 


Even a slow-dripping faucet, with just 10 drips per minute, can waste three liters of water per day. If the drip rate is faster, you could be losing up to 21 liters per day. This is a significant amount of water being wasted. 


How Much Does A Dripping Faucet Cost A Month? 


It’s not uncommon for a dripping faucet to tack on an additional $20 per month and upwards to your water bill. It may seem like a small cost, but this seemingly insignificant amount can quickly accumulate. If you have other leaks, such as a dripping shower head or leaking outdoor faucet, the water loss and additional cost can be even more substantial. 


For example, a small leak in the bathroom can cost around $150 per month on average. When you consider the total amount of money wasted each month, the overall impact becomes more apparent. 


What To Do If Your Faucet Is Dripping 


leaking faucet repair


While it may seem feasible to attempt fixing a leaking faucet without professional assistance, it is not recommended. To begin with, you would need to accurately identify the type of faucet you have. For instance, you may have a compression faucet with separate handles for hot and cold water, which would require a different approach than a non-compression faucet. Other types of faucets with swiveling arms can be even more intricate to repair. If you are uncertain about the type of faucet you have or lack the necessary tools, it is advisable to seek professional help.


Looking For Leaking Faucet Repair Near Me? 


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