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best way to keep your drains clean

The Best Way To Keep Your Drains Clean And Clear!

By Newman's Plumbing | April 15, 2022

  A drain is an essential part of any plumbing system, responsible for carrying away waste water and preventing flooding.    This is why it’s important to be proactive about drain cleaning. A drain that isn’t properly maintained can lead to blockages which may result in bad odors, slow draining, water backup, and even water…

do you need a plumber to install a toilet

Do You Need A Plumber To Install A Toilet?

By Newman's Plumbing | April 1, 2022

                    One of the most important fixtures in your home is your toilet. Not only is it essential for waste management, but it also plays a key role in protecting your home from water damage. This is why when it comes to installing a new toilet,…

List of services offered by professional plumbing companies

By Newman's Plumbing | March 15, 2022

The requirement of plumbing companies and plumbers are the service providers which no commercial or residential clients can manage to avoid. The old practice of contacting the plumber only when a problem occurs is slowly sliding

How to Avoid Fruit Flies and Drain Flies

By Newman's Plumbing | March 1, 2022

It’s safe to say that the majority of homeowners have experienced those tiny, annoying bugs most commonly known as “fruit flies” or “drain flies” at least once in their lifetime. Once you have them in your home, they begin to breed and multiply, and it seems as if they never fully go away.

9 Foolproof Water Conservation Tricks to Help You Save Money

By Newman's Plumbing | February 15, 2022

Imagine this: Your water bill comes in the mail, and instead of groaning when you see the numbers after that dollar sign, you jump for joy. While this may sound like a faraway dream, you can save money and lower your water bill with a few simple tricks. Check out these nine ways to conserve water and start saving.

It’s Crystal Clear: Call a Plumber to Install a Water Filtration System

By Newman's Plumbing | February 1, 2022

If you’re tired of refilling and cleaning your water filter pitcher or buying cases of bottled water, installing a water filtration system could be the solution to your problem. Adding a water filtration system to your home helps to keep your drinking water free of pesticides and contaminants. 

The importance of backflow prevention, flushing and protecting clean water

By Newman's Plumbing | January 15, 2022

Flush those lines

Flushing the water supply lines or disinfecting contaminated plumbing components is crucial after a backflow incident.

3 plumbing hacks to fix a slow shower drain

By Newman's Plumbing | January 1, 2022

Everyone has done it. You take a nice long shower, and the water starts rising above your ankles. The drain isn’t clogged, it’s just slow. You can call a hydro jet plumber, or one of those rooter vans, but you want to take a DIY crack at it before you make that call. 

Why is My Toilet Leaking At the Base?

By Newman's Plumbing | December 15, 2021

Is there water on the floor around the base of your toilet? If so, that’s not a good sign. This means there’s a leak in your toilet — most likely around the base of the fixture. Instead of allowing your bathroom to become an indoor swimming pool, whip out your trusty tool belt and start fixing that leak!

Your Brass or Copper Pipes Could Contain Lead—Here’s What to Know

By Newman's Plumbing | December 1, 2021

If you have an older home, checking for lead is an important safety measure, even if you have copper and brass pipes

Few things are more important in our homes than the water flowing through the pipes. This water is what we drink, bathe with, and cook with, so if there’s a risk of lead, it’s important to find out and tackle the problem immediately.