How to Avoid Fruit Flies and Drain Flies

It’s safe to say that the majority of homeowners have experienced those tiny, annoying bugs most commonly known as “fruit flies” or “drain flies” at least once in their lifetime. Once you have them in your home, they begin to breed and multiply, and it seems as if they never fully go away.

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3 plumbing hacks to fix a slow shower drain

Everyone has done it. You take a nice long shower, and the water starts rising above your ankles. The drain isn’t clogged, it’s just slow. You can call a hydro jet plumber, or one of those rooter vans, but you want to take a DIY crack at it before you make that call. 

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Why is My Toilet Leaking At the Base?

Is there water on the floor around the base of your toilet? If so, that’s not a good sign. This means there’s a leak in your toilet — most likely around the base of the fixture. Instead of allowing your bathroom to become an indoor swimming pool, whip out your trusty tool belt and start fixing that leak!

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Toilet Paper – The History ‘Behind’ It

There have been shortages of many things throughout history – oil, rubber, coffee, medicine, and so on. Yet, one of the most interesting shortages – the shortage of toilet paper – was one that should never have occurred.

Before telling this unusual story, let’s first take a quick look at the history of toilet paper.

Obviously, toilet paper has not been around forever.

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House plumbing basics for first-time homeowners

As a first-time homeowner, it pays to know the basics of plumbing. Of course, plumbing issues do call for a professional hand. However, there are certain aspects you should know, as it can save your day in case of leaks, broken pipes, or clogged toilets. By the time your plumber arrives, it can be too late and the onus of saving your home from turning messy lies on your shoulders.

Besides, knowing the plumbing basics can save you a few dollars now and then.

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