How To Fix A Clogged Toilet

Often, we use our toilets daily without giving them much thought. However, once something goes wrong, you will most certainly take notice. Having a clogged or overflowing toilet is a fear many homeowners don’t realize they have, until it happens.

Not only can a clog cause damage to your toilet, but it can also cause expensive problems to your plumbing and home overall. Of course, not all clogs are the same. Here’s how to fix a clogged toilet.

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Should You Worry About a Small Water Leak?

If there’s a small leak in your home, it’s easy to set up a bucket or towel and forget about it. As you probably know, though, procrastination can come back and bite you—and your plumbing is no exception. Here’s why you shouldn’t wait to call a plumber.

What Causes a Plumbing Leak?

A leak can happen at any time and without any notice. Old piping, cold weather, and that old toilet you’ve been meaning to replace can all cause leaks.

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Delta® Emmeline™ Collection Brings Geometric Influence to the Kitchen

Delta® Emmeline™ Collection Brings Geometric Influence to the Kitchen A blend of diamond and circular shapes, the Emmeline Kitchen Collection balances the intricacies of traditional design with minimalistic lines of contemporary style. With a distinctive diamond-shaped spout, the collection’s pull-down faucet adds captivating details and unique design flair to the kitchen space.   “The Emmeline…

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5 Easy New Year’s Plumbing Resolutions

The New Year is a positive time – we’re inspired with hope by the idea of a fresh start and what the year may bring.  So many of us resolve to save money or get our bodies in shape – but what about also getting your plumbing in shape this year? We’ve come up with…

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What Causes Noisy Water Pipes?

Noisy pipes are an unwelcome distraction. However, it can be hard to locate the source of the problem. To help, we’re featuring our top reasons why your pipes might be making noise one more time. Once you locate the source of the problem, it’s time to make the fix. Kids may be loud, but your…

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6 Bathroom Design Trends: Explore and Get Inspired

Explore the six collections we created to help inspire the bathroom of your dreams. Consulting with design experts far and wide, we identified the trends that are influencing and informing the most exciting projects around the world—in fashion and product design, as well as in-home interiors. So whether you’re seeking a twist on classic style,…

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The ABCs of Food Waste: From Disposal to Energy

The average American generates five pounds of landfill-bound trash each day, making the U.S. waste problem even bigger than experts realized. Food accounts for an astronomical amount of that waste—over 133 billion pounds each year, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates. An Emerson innovation fueled by a surprising source—food waste—is making an impact. Even…

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Save More Than Money With a Tankless Water Heater

Energy, money, and space are a few savings that come immediately to mind when considering what you will save with a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater. There is an energy-devouring monster lurking in your basement. Its mode of operation is simple and boring: it heats and reheats the same basin of water all day long—expending valuable…

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New Aquifer Filtration System from KOHLER Eases Water Quality Concerns

Eco-friendly solution for reducing impurities and ensuring safe, potable water Aquifer® double-cartridge water filtration system With the increased awareness of the effect aging infrastructure can have on water purity, KOHLER has developed a water filtration system that effectively reduces lead, mercury, chlorine, and other contaminants in the water, and is one of the few options…

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