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6 Bathroom Design Trends: Explore and Get Inspired

Explore the six collections we created to help inspire the bathroom of your dreams. Consulting with design experts far and wide, we identified the trends that are influencing and informing the most exciting projects around the world—in fashion and product design, as well as in-home interiors. So whether you’re seeking a twist on classic style,…

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The ABCs of Food Waste: From Disposal to Energy

The average American generates five pounds of landfill-bound trash each day, making the U.S. waste problem even bigger than experts realized. Food accounts for an astronomical amount of that waste—over 133 billion pounds each year, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates. An Emerson innovation fueled by a surprising source—food waste—is making an impact. Even…

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Save More Than Money With a Tankless Water Heater

Energy, money, and space are a few savings that come immediately to mind when considering what you will save with a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater. There is an energy-devouring monster lurking in your basement. Its mode of operation is simple and boring: it heats and reheats the same basin of water all day long—expending valuable…

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New Aquifer Filtration System from KOHLER Eases Water Quality Concerns

Eco-friendly solution for reducing impurities and ensuring safe, potable water Aquifer® double-cartridge water filtration system With the increased awareness of the effect aging infrastructure can have on water purity, KOHLER has developed a water filtration system that effectively reduces lead, mercury, chlorine, and other contaminants in the water, and is one of the few options…

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Delta® VoiceIQ™ Technology Helps Consumers Command the Kitchen

Kitchen and bath leader’s “smart” faucet increases connectivity in the kitchen To address an emergent need for thoughtfully connected home technology, the Delta brand leverages Amazon® Alexa® and Google® Assistant-enabled devices to create a smart kitchen faucet that thinks on command. Delta VoiceIQ Technology provides dependable, hands-free operation for a revolutionized kitchen space. Designed with…

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