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Living in the community of Suffolk, Virginia, means enjoying miles of breathtaking hiking trails, a thriving arts community, and a growing food scene, all with a small-town backdrop. One item that that isn’t always readily available, unfortunately, is quality plumbing services companies.


Whether you need drain cleaning, new plumbing fixtures, or annual maintenance options, it always seems as if you’re paying a fortune for sloppy work. When typical local plumbers charge high prices to rush through your job, it leaves you wishing there was a better option.


At Newman's Plumbing Service & Repair, we continue leading the community in quality plumbing repair solutions, experienced service contractors, and affordable pricing every day. Whether you need a better choice for jetter service, fix plumbing leaks, or ensure your home remains safe from water damage, you won’t find a more qualified team than ours.


For more than 20 years of devoted service throughout the community, we have helped countless homeowners with saving more on everything from dripping sinks to water heater replacements. Contact us today for your best solution for complete plumbing services.

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You rely on your plumbing fixtures repeatedly every day, yet most people don’t know who they should call for toilet repair, leaking sinks, and issues with their sewer lines. And if you experience a ruptured pipe or frozen fixtures in the middle of the night, your need for an emergency plumber makes your choices even more limited.


Many plumbing companies stop working after 5 pm, forcing you to hold off until morning before hiring help. And if they remain a smaller service provider, they might not have anyone readily available for your job.


Instead, we provide local plumbing contractors with the level of skill needed to take on any of your areas of concern. Whether you need an affordable drain cleaner or repairs you can trust, we make it simple to save on any plumbing service call, including:


When you deserve the best plumbing contractors for your job, you can enjoy lower prices and faster arrival times by hiring us first. Contact us today for your reliable source in complete plumbing services.

If you discover problems with your sinks, toilets, or drainage pipe, you don’t have all day to wait for help to show up. You want a qualified repair contractor who values your time, as well as remains close to where you live.


Unfortunately, many companies operate from several cities over, causing your wait time to extend far past what they told you on the phone. When it’s already been an hour or longer after they said that they would be there, it only makes you even more frustrated than before.


Rather than relying on other plumbing companies to locate you, you can enjoy faster, more convenient service daily by choosing our company. Our experienced plumbing contractors stay near your job throughout:

  • Chuckatuck
  • Eclipse
  • Holy Neck
  • Nansemond
  • Sleepy Hole
  • Suffolk
  • Crittenden
  • Burbage Grant
  • Harborview
  • And the surrounding communities.


When you need quicker repairs, lower pricing, and plumbers with the expertise necessary for your best results, we remain the trusted choice for more area homeowners. Contact us to enjoy a better quality of repair faster than anyone else around.

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Sewer Cleaning Services in Soffolk Virginia Newmans Plumbing
One of our drain cleaning services experts in Portsmouth, VA

Many residents might not understand that your home’s primary sewer drain can get obstructed, causing all of your plumbing lines to back up. Not only is this a smelly situation to find yourself in, but it also will likely make you and your family ill.


All odors get created through lingering bacteria, and when every fixture has raw sewage creeping back in, it’s a problem that you can’t ignore. Unfortunately, not all plumbing services providers offer sewer jet cleaning, making it even more challenging to find help.


Although it’s an advanced repair need, our staff has the expertise you can trust to handle it right each time. Using a powerful industrial pressure washer, we blast away debris, trash, oils, and tree roots away, allowing your drains to operate once more.


When you can’t risk your family’s health, and you need help immediately, just leave it to us. We provide faster responses for any repair need, all at the lowest pricing possible.

Water heaters remain the most important appliance in your home. While you may think it’s your dishwasher or your washing machine, neither could keep your items sanitary without steaming hot water.


If your taps run too hot or too cold, or you can’t seem to take a shower without shivering, you likely need repairs or replacement services. Over time, the heating coils wear out, and traditional tank systems get obstructed by rust.


Whether you need the same type installed, or you’re planning on upgrading to a tankless water heater system, we remain the qualified choice for it all. We guarantee your best water heater services every day, no matter your needs.


Choose us for any repair, replacement, or installation service call for the best results around. No one knows water heaters like our team.



Homeowners have needed plumbing services since indoor fixtures became invented. However, that doesn’t mean that hiring a qualified contractor group has gotten any more straightforward.


Many services either lack repair experience or only provide a short list of possible repairs. When you encounter a severe problem, they are all but useless.


Since 1994, we have remained the trusted name in local Suffolk, VA plumbing professionals. Today, we continue assisting more area homeowners with a diverse range of contractor services, as well as lower pricing every day.

Our staff stays available for your call all 24-hours of every day, regardless of the scope of your repair needs. You have a better choice in plumbing repair solutions when you hire Newman's Plumbing Service & Repair.