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Whether you are building, renovating or renting a house, you will surely need a residential Plumber in Virginia Beach VA at some time or the other. Sometimes there are problems with a clogged drain, clogged toilet, garbage disposal repair, shower installation, sewer repair, drain cleaning, hot water heater repair, or tankless water heaters. In these situations, you will require a professional Plumber in Virginia Beach. The sooner you call the plumbing service company the better you will be because water damage can be very costly if it goes unchecked for a long-time period of time. Newman’s Plumbing Service & Repair always offers 24 Hour Emergency service.

People often try to save money by trying to fix plumbing problem themselves, but this might prove more expensive if you don't do it right. If there is only a small blockage in the pipes then the supermarket pipe unclogging products will take care of it. However, professional help is required in case of breaks, leaks or severely clogged pipes. Sometimes, nearby tree roots invade the whole pipe through a small crack and the damaged pipe must be replaced. Broken septic tank pipes are also a health hazard which should be dealt with immediately by professionals such as Newman’s Plumbing Service & Repair. Only professionals like Newman's Plumbing Service experts will be able to locate and discern the exact problem and implement an affordable fix. They have the necessary training and experience which enables them to find the location of the damaged pipes and what is likely causing the problem.


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Garbage Disposal Repair

We provide prompt and reliable garbage disposal repair services, addressing issues such as jams, leaks, and motor malfunctions to restore functionality and efficiency to your kitchen.

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Toilet Installation

We deliver comprehensive toilet installation services, handling everything from proper placement to secure fittings and ensuring optimal performance and water efficiency for your bathroom.

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Drain Cleaning

Our drain cleaning services are conducted with precision, employing state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly solutions to effectively clear blockages caused by debris, grease, or sediment.

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Shower Installation

We specialize in shower installation services, handling every aspect from plumbing connections to waterproofing and tile installation, ensuring a flawless finish tailored to your preferences.

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Tankless Water Heater

We excel in tankless water heater installation, guiding you through the selection process and providing expert installation services to maximize energy efficiency and hot water availability in your home.

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Sewer Cleaning

We specialize in professional sewer cleaning services, employing advanced techniques and equipment to thoroughly remove blockages, roots, and debris from your sewer lines, ensuring proper flow.

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Clogged Toilet

We offer efficient clogged toilet solutions, swiftly clearing blockages and restoring proper flushing functionality with precision and care, minimizing inconvenience and ensuring the uninterrupted operation of your bathroom.

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Water Heater Repair

We specialize in expert water heater repair services, promptly addressing issues such as leaks, heating problems, and faulty components to restore your unit's efficiency, functionality, and longevity.


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