Water Heater Repair

We rely on our water heater every day in so many ways. For showers, washing dishes, doing the laundry; most of the time we don’t even think about this heavily worked appliance. The failure of your water can put your family’s life on hold.

When you need water heater installation, repair, or maintenance call the experts at Newman’s Plumbing Service. Our plumbing professionals are experienced, fully licensed, highly trained, and up-to-date with the latest developments in water heater technology.

Just like any other machine, water heaters might have issues after regular use. With an average lifespan of 8-12 years, a traditional water heater will usually require regular repair after around 5-6 years. A water heater could produce too much hot water, not enough hot water, or no hot water at all.

Common water heater problems include the following:

  • Knocking sounds
  • Standing water in the unit
  • Water leaks
  • Issues with water temperature
  • Shutting off
  • Running constantly
  • High energy bills caused by an inefficient heater
  • Gas leaks

Keep Your Water Heater Going with Regular Maintenance

Your water heater is used every day and should be maintained annually to examine wear and tear. Maintenance doesn’t just help prevent unexpected breakdowns; it also keeps warranties from voiding and helps add years to the life of a unit.

Newman’s Plumbing water heater maintenance includes:

  • Routine flushes
  • Multi-point inspections
  • Part replacements

Is It Time to Replace Your Water Heater? We Can Help!

While regular maintenance will extend the life of your water heater, there will come a time when replacement should be considered. The heaters that are available today offer an energy savings that adds up very quickly over a dated unit. There are also units that can prevent sediment from forming in the tank, extending the unit’s life and requiring less service over the lifetime.

The two most common types of water heaters are:

  • Conventional tank water heaters: These heaters use electricity and gas for fuel. They can heat anywhere from 20 to 100 gallons of water at a time. These units are less economical than modern tankless heaters.
  • Solar water heaters*: These economical and environmentally friendly heaters draw energy from the sun to heat water. They require no electricity or gas and can reduce your bills by an estimated 14 to 18%.

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